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work with glastec

... to work with glastec?

In fact, it doesn't matter which stage your project is in.


                                                                            But ideally, you send us a sketch of your design along with ...


...   some information of the

  • proposed application

  • elevation drawings

  • a typical section of the building

  • whatever you want to share ...

                                                                          ... and in return we will provide a feasible solution including


  • some drawings adapted to your design,

  • a description of the proposed system and materials

  • and a budget calculation for design, fabrication and installation.

                                                                         However, if your vision goes beyond of what has been built before,













  • we will summarize your intention,

  • investigate possible solutions,

  • develop a new system,

  • build a movable prototype,

  • test in own facilities,














and finally:              Realize Your Vision!

For further information, please send an email to


or call


+1 (347) 406-3300

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all rights reserved

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